Full-Service IT Support

#1 Midwest MSP Provider

Add-Savvy IT is a top-ranked Managed Service Provider (MSP). We can help define & align your IT Strategy, deliver the right skills & expertise, save you time & money, make complex projects simple & protect your valuable business data.

We work with businesses of all different sizes & can help your company identify your IT requirements accurately according to your specific needs. Our techs take care of everything from building up-to-code infrastructure, to managing your wireless network.  A streamlined technology system in place is key to running your business smoothly & successfully.

We offer recommendations, expertise & then ensure that our client’s technology goals become a reality. We coordinate all vendors needed to deliver an efficient & trustworthy single point of contact. Our responsive service is second to none in the industry, & our goal is always to exceed expectations.

We can serve as your single point of contact to resolve your IT challenges, simplify your operations & improve the uptime of your technology. We provide full-service support by handling all complexities of planning, deploying & managing your IT infrastructure.


All-Inclusive Concierge Support:
We handle everything for you that’s IT related, and it’s all included. We’ll provide responsive & effective IT support for any tech-solution needed to achieve your business goals. Extensive subject-matter expertise & experience enable Add-Savvy IT to provide world-class IT support.

Our advanced techs will repair, restore, & actively maintain your technology. If needed, Add-Savvy IT can provide strategic advisory services, deployment implementation, & hardware maintenance.

How It Works:

  1. Client submits request for IT Support
  2. Support provided within 24hrs. (onsite or remote)
  3. If needed, client receives continued IT assistance (unlimited)

Support Functions:

  • Dedicated IT Support Staff
    • Each Add-Savvy IT client receives a dedicated support member. Dedicated staff ensure your business receives the correct solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.
    • Trained, US-based specialists can also provide direct IT support to subordinates / lower-level employees. Reports automatically sent to manager outlining IT issue, & the corresponding solution.
  • On-Site IT Support
    • Our highly-experienced technicians “techs” are trained & certified to provide Level 1 & 2 advanced support for the latest technological solutions.
    • Service provides reliable & skilled IT technicians to deliver robust & capable solutions that your team & business can trust.
  • Remote IT Support
    • Certain IT Issues can be resolved quickly & effectively by taking advantage of our remote IT support services.
  • IT Service Delivery Team
    • Team ensures all IT solutions adhere to state/local regulations & meet any required specifications. Solutions are, configured, tested, delivered, & implemented by Add-Savvy IT.
  • Proactive IT Support
    • Add-Savvy IT will identify any potential issues/risks before they become business affecting problems. We do this through our extensive proactive IT Support service.


Core Competencies:

  • Digital Signage Software
  • POS Deployment, Optimization, Maintenance
  • End Point Protection & Monitoring - (employee laptops, devices, etc)
  • Telecommunication / VoIP / Printer Install & Maintenance
  • Distributed Secure Wi-Fi / Guest Wi-fi
  • Cloud Computing / Business Continuity / Cyber Security

Ancillary Competencies:

  • Network Server Administration
  • Structured Wiring - (Cat 5,6,7 & Fiber Optic)
  • IT Consultancy Services
  • Access Control Readers - (staff keycards, secure access, etc)
  • 24x7 Network Monitoring, Data Backup, IT Compliance
  • Advanced Microsoft, Linux, & Apple Mac Support
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Audio / Visual Install & Maintenance
  • Server Room Clean Up / Wire Management