Daily-Event Screen

Reduce Costs & Save Time

The daily event screen is not only a polished & professional display of content but also a way to increase efficiency.

Hotel staff use current computers to quickly display & update the daily event schedule designed to fit your hotel's brand & aesthetic.

Hotel's can now keep guests informed without having to spend money & time printing costly & unappealing paper event schedules.

In-Room Signage

Extend Your Reach

With In-Room Signage, hotels can communicate important messages directly on guest screens.

Use In-Room Signage to communicate any custom message, including the following:

-Restaurant Promotions
-Special Offers
-Flight Status
-Real-Time Weather

Ensure that guests are informed, & designate an in-room channel to display custom content for your hotel. 

Meeting-Room Displays

Offer More & Reduce Costs

Now hotels can offer more to guests who need event space including a polished and crisp meeting room display.

Hotel staff use existing computers to quickly display & update the meeting-room display. Displays are designed to fit your hotel's brand & aesthetic.

Meeting room displays automatically update to reflect the appropriate information. If no group is currently having a meeting in the space, hotels can display a custom message.

Flight-Status Screen

Distinguish Your Hotel

Flight information is updated in real-time. Solution allows hotel to display arrivals and/or departures from any airport in the world. 

This solution helps managers to proactively inform guests of any changes pertaining to a flight.  It also helps operators better manage transportation services to & from a local airport.  

Screen's design & layout can be customized to align with hotel's brand & aesthetic.

Promotions & Special-Offers

Increase Revenue

Digital signage increases awareness for services, & special-offers. As a result, customer-inquiries can increase by up to 15%.

Keep customers informed with the latest deals & special-offers. Crisp & appealing content can influence a customer's decision & even prompt a customer to purchase.

It's easier than ever to keep content fresh & relevant. Simply request screen changes, & see updates instantly.

Real-Time Content

Keep Guests Informed

Updated daily, real-time content keeps your guests informed. Our current real-time solutions include:

-Local Weather
-Headlining News
-Stock Market Updates
-Sports Highlights
-Pop Culture News

Touchscreen Directory

Enhance The Guest Experience

Hotels can now elevate the guest experience in more ways than ever.  Hotel guests who need quick information can now use the hotel's touchscreen directory to do the following:

-Check Flight Status
-Locate Restaurants / Local Bars
-Identify Tourist Destinations
-Review Hotel Amenities

The touchscreen's design, layout, & categories can be modified & customized to align with your hotel's
brand & aesthetic.

Social-Media Live Feed

Increase Social-Media Presence

Customers include your custom hashtag with their picture, & see their post show instantly on your screens! For customers to see their pic, they must mention your business on social-media.

Feature includes a Built-in Filter, which automatically blocks & prevents unwanted content from displaying on your screens. Includes Trip Advisor & Yelp reviews.

This solution is fun, engaging, & increases your presence on social-media, all without creating any additional work for you.

Videowall Display

An Amazing First Impression

Big, bold, & dazzlingly digital. Large videowall displays bring eye-catching dazzle & effectiveness to any message. The configuration & layout is endlessly adaptable, & can be modified to fit any space while delivering a gorgeous presentation.

Large videowall displays allow messages to be delivered in a crisp & high-definition fashion to viewers close & far away.

Ideal for boardrooms, lobbies, hallways & more. It's easier than ever to keep content fresh & relevant.

Wayfinding Screen

Reduce Costs & Save Time

Allow visitors to easily navigate the building or quickly find their destination.

Building directories provide a polished & professional display, and also provide building residents with a crisp lobby presence.

The screen's design, layout, & categories can be modified & customized to align with your brand & aesthetic.

Control Your Message

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